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AmazonMoosey's Ambit has a special approach to customer service that distinctly sets us apart from other on-line businesses selling the same item. AmazonMoosey's Ambit was created in 1999 with the idea that people still want something known as Good Customer Service.I feel everyone appreciates not only good pricing and merchandise, but also honest information; not just to become another "sale".

As a small and growing business, you are still treated on an individual basis. Your questions are still answered individually - not by an automated response. Many of the orders are by Customer Request for custom driftwood orders, to accentuate their personal project.

Your information is never traded, sold or given to any other 3rd party.

At the Ambit, all the driftwood is gathered by us, hand picked in the back swamps of Louisiana. It is clean and rendered tank safe for your aquariums, your floral arrangements and artwork without chemical process.Purchasing through AmazonMoosey's Ambit, you are supporting a small, Made In America, cottage industry.

The Ambit also gives you access to other local small businesses by marketing their products on the Internet. For these small merchants on budgets and time constraints, AmazonMoosey's Ambit has created a venue where they too can benefit from the e-commerce world.

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